What is an ideal hot air brush and how to use them?

There are various types of hot air brush in the market but choosing an ideal hot air brush can be challenging. First, it’s important to know that a hot air brush does the same job as a blow dryer. Whereby, the only difference is that blow-dyers can only be used to dry off your hair. However, the hot-air brush can be used as a hairdryer as well as a styling brush.

The incredible thing about the hot-air brush is that not only does it styles your hair but dries it at the same time.

Finding a perfect hot air brush can be a real hassle but besides the many advantages that come with hot air brushes. The most important one being it helps you save time when preparing yourself for the day ahead. These brushes combine moisture a well as heat.

A powerful combination for reshaping your hair thus making it easier for this handy hair styling device to add waves, curls as well as straighten your hair while you use it. Henceforth, with these capabilities at hand, it makes hot airbrush a versatile hair styling tool to have.

Compared to blow-dryer is based on how they are constructed. Both of them have motors, but the main difference comes in on how they function; though the air-speed and heat are both controlled by a switch same as in any hair dryer.

But when it comes to hot air brush, it has a barrel brush located on one end of the brush to do the styling job. Hence, with the forced air produced onto the brush, it is distributed evenly through the small-vents that are found throughout the barrel of your hot air brush.

Also, these barrel brushes vary in widths. Often, they are made using anti-static bristles as well as other types of bristles. On instances, they tend not to tangle your hair when using it quickly.

Types of Hot-Air Brushes

There are various types of the hot-air brush but based on how you want to use it; to straighten, make curls or waves. All these will help in making a buying decision. Here are the major types of hot-air brushes found in the market.

1. Hot-air curling brushes;

SwanMyst Curling Iron Brush 1.25 Inch with Anti-scald Bristles

It’s used to curl hair; you can do so by making the bristles that are on the barrel brush to go all-the-way round it thus making it easier to wrap your hair around the barrel to get those cute curls.

2. Static hot-air brush;

One Step Hair Blow Dryer Brush 3 IN 1 Compact Design

This is the first type of hot-air brush to be made. They perform two functions which include drying and brushing-out your hair. Though, they don’t go all-the-way around the barrel.

 3. Auto-rotating barrel hot-air brushes; 

SHINON Atomatic Rotating Round Brush

They have electric-motors which automatically spin the barrel for its users.

 4. Rotating barrel hot-air brushes; 

Tru Beauty Rotating Hot Air Brush

It’s more of a regular hot-air curling brush, but its barrel is made to rotate on demand. This can greatly help when it comes to straightening your hair in that; it doesn’t get tangled easily in the brush.

Also, the rotating barrels can be locked on a place to have curly hair.

 5. Straightening hot-air brushes; 

Hair Straightener Brush

They look like a flat-iron with bristles onto the plates. They are specifically for straitening your hair.

Buying guide for the best hot-air brush

Before you decide to purchase a hot-air brush, it is essential to consider certain factors that will help you to determine an ideal hot-air brush for yourself. Some of these factors include;

The power usage

The power usage

It’s important to know the number of watts your ideal hot-air brush uses. This will help you to determine the capacity or how powerful your chosen hot-air brush dryer function.

Mostly, hot-air brushes are grouped based on their watts. There are three categories which include;

  • 250 watts or less; 

These hot-air brush doesn’t have a very-powerful drying effect, and you’re likely to take longer while drying your hair. To get a better result when using this airbrush, consider increasing its power level to 85-95 percent.

  •  260-740 watts;

Most hot-air brushes that work on this watt range targets to compromise on its use, mixing decent drying power as they keep the overall heat-down. To efficiently dry and style your hair, it's best if you towel dries your hair properly.

  •  750+ watts; 

This is the most powerful hot-air brush; it dries out hair very fast.

Heat and speed selection

Heat and Speed

Based on the type of hair you have, it is important to buy a hot-air brush that has different heat as well as air settings since not all types of hair respond to the same level of heat when they are being dried or even styled.

Consider buying one that has at least high and low heat settings. If you come from a big family, then it can be an added advantage for other family members with sensitive hair types may also use.

Brush size

Thinner barrel brushes (often ranges btw 1-11/2 inches) tend to be extremely versatile. In that, you can do springy waves and tight curls with them as well as straighten shorter hair-styles easily.

While larger barrel sizes (often around 2-inches) are majorly used to create bigger curls as well as to add more volume to the hair. If you have long hair, then consider the larger barrel size airbrush that is faster at straightening.

Therefore, depending on your favorite hairstyles and the length of your hair, it will greatly help when deciding on your ideal hot-air brush.

Type of bristle

Check on the manufacturers’ description of how what their bristle is designed to do. Some bristles are made with antistatic properties to easily straighten your hair when you style it using a hot-air brush while others have a rounded-tip brush to help add volume and easily catch your hair to enable curling.

Therefore, you may consider checking on the bristle type for your personal preference to help you in making a decision on which type of hot-air brush to choose.

Barrel material

Hot-air brushes are made from different materials. Therefore, since the barrel is the essential part in the whole brush, it’s important that you may consider checking on what type of material they are made from. Some are made from ceramic and titanium materials.

The best material should allow heat to spread evenly, quickly and maintain a consistent temperature for better styling thus decreasing the risk of heat-damaged to your hair as you spend less time on the mirror when styling.

Often, airbrushes with such qualities radiate negative ions which function to limit frizz and flyways of your hair hence for the smoother softer mane.


Hot-air brushes often come with hefty price tags and replacing them regularly can be fairly expensive. Henceforth, a good hot air brush should have the best warranty. A warranty to cover all parts of the airbrush in case it gets damaged or broken, and for a longer duration of time thus, it will give you that peace of mind when you buy your hot-air brush.

Other factors you may consider before deciding to purchase your ideal hot-air brush include;

  • Check if it has rotating barrels;

You may use various techniques to-do different hairstyles using your air-brush.

  • Auto-rotating barrels function;

It’s a motorized barrel thus can spin in either direction you push a button; it’s less tiring thus you will not strain much on your hands as well as wrist while styling your hair.

  • Lastly;

Check on the weight and dual voltage capability If you consider the above-listed factors when looking for an ideal hot-air brush for your hair then, you are likely to choose the best hot-air brush. But always match these factors with your personal preference to find the best brush for yourself.

How to Use Hot-Air Brush

Step 1:

Choose your brush attachment in regards to the kind of finish you’ll have

Step 2:

Wash your hair

Step 3: 

Condition your hair using a heat-guard to protect you from any heat-styling process you may undertake. (It’s not a must though. you can choose to skip this step)

Step 4:

Consider checking on your hot-air brush directions if it’s only used for dry hair. Although most of these hot-air brushes tend to be used on wet hair

Step 5:

Warm-up your brush. Turn your brush on and let the air blow-out for like a minute.

Step 6: 

While your brush gets heat-up, section your hair. However, if you are going for a quick blow-dry, then you may consider skipping this step and go-ahead to brush through your hair as normal.

Step 7:

Start at the root and brush your sectioned hair slowly down towards the ends. Always go-over each section at least 3-times to perfectly coat it.

Step 8:

In case your brush is rotatable. Thus, you may consider allowing it to rotate a few times while at the roots to provide you more volume.

Step 9:

This is the final stage; you can brush through your hair as well as go-over it all using the hot-air brush for the last time to seal it all in and there you are all set!

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