Best Hot Air Brush Reviews & Buying Guide

Your hairstyle makes you more beautiful and attractive. Besides, it increases your personality as well. To give your hair an impressive look, you need to style your brush what suits you best and to do so; you need a hot air brush. And in most cases, you don’t have the spare time to go to the salon for styling your hair as you wish. But a hot air brush can do the job at home without going outside. It can deliver plenty of bounce, volume and shine as long as you buy the perfect one for your hairstyle.

You have spent your valuable time using hair dryers, curling irons, and straighteners. But you can do the same thing without using so many hair tools with only one- a hot air brush. There are a lot of hairs styling tools out there on the market. But you have to find out the best hot air brush that best suits your hair according to your hair type.

Reviews of Top 10 Best Hot Air Brushes

1. Calista Tools Perfecter Pro Grip Hot Air Brush & Bag Review

Calista Tools Perfecter Pro Grip Digital Temp Control Ionic Round Hot Air Brush & Bag

If you think it’s time to replace your hairbrush, flat iron, curling iron and hot rollers, you can consider this handy hair tool that will allow you to do so. It can take care of your hair in some ways that can be done by tools as mentioned earlier altogether. It is very user-friendly and easy to handle. It can be used for thin to thick, straight to curly hair. It gives your slim hair volume without the burning heat of a curling iron.

You can easily control and set the temperature as you need according to your hair condition. It has a digital LCD screen where you can see the temperature, and it helps you to set your desired temperature. You can set the temperature from 325-395 0F in increments of 10 0F which is incredible to adjust to your hair. In no more than just 5 minutes, you can get a professional look hairstyle by this tool. It curls or straightens your hair without tangling. It has an added security feature. If you forget to shut your airbrush off and go away, it will shut off automatically after one hour.

So, there is no chance to get it over-heated and damaged. This tool can solve almost all your hair issues. It produces quick and even heats. It makes your hair smooth, curl and straight. And it provides extra volume to your hair that gives you beautiful look, style and feel. It is not suitable for wet hair. It comes with two barrel sizes. One is 1,’’ and other is 1.5’’. For short hair, use 1’’ barrel provided with it and if your hair is medium or long, you can use 1-1/2’’ barrel for the best result. So make sure your hair is dry enough before using the tool. Sometimes it happens that after plugging in and press the switch that indicates shut-off and on, the tool does not run.

Don’t worry. It takes about three seconds for running by holding and pressing the on/off button. After the tool runs, a lower temperature is needed for the hair if it is okay. On the other hand, if your hair is crude or grave, higher temperature is required.

Keep an eye on the LCD because it will wink awaiting it reaches its temperature. It does not rotate like others. But it can meet up your need without turning. It has four colors, and they are purple, grey, navy and pink. Your hand does not get in touch with the heat created due to its ceramic grip, and it protects your hand from getting burned. Besides, you may have the bitter experience of burning places with your curling iron.

You don’t need to shorten your lovely and dearer hair as it can also go with your long hair to styling with it.

You will feel the difference after using this product for few days.


  • Dual Ceramic and Ionic heat technology,
  • 325-395 0F temperature range,
  • Quick and even heat,
  • LCD screen for monitoring temperature,
  • Automatic shut off after one hour,
  • Soft-touch grip,
  • Lifetime limited warranty.


  • It is not suitable for wet hair,
  • It does not rotate.

Final Thought:

It comes with a bag which is good to travel. As it has two different size barrels (1’’ and 1-1/2’’), they fit for your hair length. LCD screen allows you to monitor your desired temperature. It gets hot according to your temperature setting very fast and easy to use. It’s safe to hold and has no chance to burn.

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2. Infiniti Pro by Conair Wet / Dry Hot Air Styler Review

Infiniti Pro by Conair Wet / Dry Hot Air Styler

Conair has already been an established name that produces quality hair tools out there on the market. Their quality differs from many other companies in the market.

With its Triple Action Styling System, it not only straightens and shines but also combats against frizz. Tourmaline ceramic technology combined with the infrared heat system does your hair as you wish. This process of drying your hair allows you to dry your hair and prevents your hair from getting damaged with several uses.

But if your hair is air-dried first before using this tool, it works faster and smoother. Otherwise, it takes time depending on your hair’s thickness and length. It has three different setting for your hair and works on both wet and dry hair indeed. You can use a detangling hair brush for better and fast result. It has a built-in ion technology which is cool. It helps you to dry your hair fast and controls frizz. It does not feature a round barrel brush.

Different types of the styling of your lovely hair can be done with it whereas a round barrel brush cannot do the same. Its configuration does not allow the tool to grab as much hair as others do. So, you can easily do nice styling of your hair by the tool. It straightens, detangles and shines. It can dry your hair and then do it. The half round brush does not allow you to curl your hair except straightening and shining. This is because it uses the half round brush that does not work to curling your hair. Infrared energy makes your hair silky and shiny and prevents your hair’s natural luster. A 2-speed slide switch and a cool shot button help to lock styles.


  • It is sturdy and long lasting;
  • It is suitable for both wet and dry hair;
  • It uses tourmaline ceramic technology;
  • Infrared energy protects hair's natural luster and shiny;
  • It is suited for all hair types.


  • It is a little bit difficult in cleaning,
  • It cannot make hair curl for its half round barrel,
  • Its instruction manual is not up to the mark.

Final Thought:

It is for those who are searching for the best hot air brush that can make your hair straight, shiny and frizz-free. On the other hand, if you want your hair making curl, it should not be your choice.

Infrared heat and tourmaline ceramic technology make this product unique from others out there in the market. It is lightweight to use, and it is worth the price of this hair tool.

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3. MILUSH USA - 3 in 1 Rotating Hot Air Brush, Hair Dryer & Volumizer 2018 Review

MILUSH USA - 3 in 1 Rotating Hot Air Brush, Hair Dryer & Volumizer

Are you finding an advanced hairbrush that saves your valuable time as well as effort to make your lovely hair curl, straight, dry altogether? Are you not good at making your hair as you desire? Milush USA 3 in 1 rotating hot air brush can be your solution that does all you need with pure satisfaction. It dries and volumizes your hair with less effort without making your hair frizzy. It ensures maximum hair protection to make your hair look naturally sleek and stylish.

When you want to dry your wet hair with this tool, it keeps your hair tangle-free. Its soft bristles make your hair shine and smooth dry. Its large barrel helps fullness and body to all sorts of hair without making further tangling and twisting knots. Savvy tourmaline ionic technology is used in this tool for protecting your hair from damage and at the same time, it emphasizes on shiny and frizz-free results which are fantastic!

1000W power and DC motor have added extra benefits to use the tool fast as well as long-lasting. You need to apply this unit for damp and detangled hair if you have. Before going to style your hair, make sure you have divided your hair into some sections which help work better with ease. You should place it very close to the root of the section you want to work with and down the tool towards the ends.

Repeat the process until you get your desired hairstyle. If you need more volume, you should allow your brush to rotate, winding the whole section of your hair around the barrel until you reach the root of your section. Its barrel’s total length is 4.5 inches and bristles are 3.5 inches. Its brush guard is easy to remove and replace. It has 2 heat settings and 1 cool setting. For better grip hair, it uses Nylon pin brush and US plug with leakage protector. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it within 30 days, and they will refund your money.


  • It has 2-inch rotating hot hair brush, dryer, and volumizer;
  • 110V-50/60Hz power supply;
  • It uses tourmaline ceramic technology;
  • Infrared energy protects Hair's natural luster and shiny;
  • 1000W power and DC motor.


  • Wet or damp areas are not suitable for it,
  • You need an adapter to use it under 220V,
  • It sometimes turns off during brushing hair.

Final Thought:

With less effort and without wasting your precious time, you can do your hair as you wish to style. Its price is worth its benefits. It’s able to make your hair without damage, and it gives you tangle-free, frizz-free hair within few minutes. But keep one thing in your mind that you should not place your hair tool in a wet place and don’t hang it by its power cord while storing.

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4. MiroPure 2 in 1 Ionic Hair Straightener Brush with Heat Resistant Glove and Temperature Lock Function Review

MiroPure 2 in 1 Ionic Hair Straightener Brush with Heat Resistant Glove and Temperature Lock Function

Meropure 2 in 1 may be your first choice if you are tensed about your hair type and also wondering which will be best for your lovely hair. It offers you a smooth, silky, natural lustrous look of your hair and at the same time seals your hair cuticles. Its dual ionic generator gives you healthy silky hair that you want. By using this tool, you can get your dream hair within few minutes. It reduces your hairs getting knotted and improve your hair’s shining and silky look. It trims down your hair frizziness and helps to split ends. It allows you to manage your hair easily and perfectly as you need.

For your curly hair, high density of nano comb brush works pretty well, and within several minutes you can expect straight curly and frizz-free hair. Besides, it provides your scalp with a well-massaging effect that is beneficial for your scalp as well.

16 different heat settings make the product more unique than others out there that can suit your hair. It works for all types of hair style such as curly, straight, short, long and so forth. Its plastic construction gives the product modern look too.

LED display with multiple control buttons allows you to read the temperature settings easily. The temperature settings are ranging from 1500C- 2300C which in Fahrenheit scale are from 3020F-4460F and they are perfectly suitable for any hairstyle.  Its metal, ceramic heater can heat up fast and distribute the heat produced evenly to make your hair equally indeed.  Its small size helps you to carry the tool when you are on a trip as well as at home.

You don’t need any extra bag for its storage as a box along with the brush come when you purchase one. To prevent your hand from burning or heat, a heat-resistant glove also comes with the product which is awesome! Its MCH technology takes only 60 seconds to reach your desired temperature which makes the product more reliable for anyone on the go.

To ensure its smooth operation, the cord can rotate 360 degrees which are a great feature and provides tangle-free use. Its double anion spray emits plentiful negative ions which helps your hair look shiny and smooth. Its temperature lock function prevents the tool from accidental changing its temperature during hair doing. Otherwise, it features an automatic shut off function that helps the tool turn off automatically after 1-hour inactivity. There are 3 dug-in buttons for on/off, temperature increase, and decrease.


  • It is perfect for all types of hair- long, short, curly, straight;
  • It has double anion spray;
  • It uses tourmaline ceramic technology;
  • Infrared energy protects Hair's natural luster and shiny;
  • LED temperature display for monitoring the temperature.
  • The dual voltage ranging from 110-220V;
  • It has 360 degrees rotatable cord;
  • American MCH (Metal Ceramic Heater) for quick and even temperature.


  • The brush sometimes melts itself,
  • You need an adapter to use it under 220V,
  • It sometimes turns off during brushing hair.

Final Thought:

It’s time to keep your all hairbrush, flat iron, curling iron and hot rollers right now by replacing Miropure 2 in 1 hairbrush. It works better with any types of hair. It comes in 2 different cool colors- matte black and golden pink. Its dimension is 12.6x2.8x3.2 inches and of 12.6 ounces weight. This handy product is worth its prize. So, you can consider this product for your lovely hair to lessen your valuable time and style as you want.

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5. Dear Drew, You are Effortless Ceramic Styling Brush Review 

Dear Drew by Drew Barrymore You are Effortless Ceramic Styling Brush

Are you trying to save your valuable time when you style, dry and so many other things with your lovely hair? Yes, you can think of The Dear Drew Styling Brush. It saves your time and gives you the freedom to style your hair as you like. Besides keeping your time, it also smoothes, straightens, curls and dry your hair perfectly.

It straightens and sculpts styling arm which ensures the highest straightening and styles your hair. If you have very curly hair, it does not work 100%, but it does well in the lower half of your hair. On the contrary, it best suits for wavy hair. Its powerful heater made of ceramic distributes steady even heat across the whole brush surface.

Another cool feature of the hair tool is 4 Heat Settings which ranges up to 4500F. These are 3000F, 3500F, 4000F and 4500F which are awesome for your hair depending on their style. If your hair is very thick and coarse, you need an upper temperature for styling your hair.

When all indicators are lit up, you have to understand that your hair tool is now at maximum temperature. To decrease the temperature as you need, you need to on the tool and wait until its lights flash off to achieve the desired temperature. It also takes few minutes to get ready to work.

Like another hot airbrush tool (in most cases), it has the feature of Auto Shut-off. It has a 7’ swivel power cord that is handy to move your tool where you need in the range. And the plug is a US plug. This hair tool is 120V, and it measures 3.4x5.6x13.2 inches.


  • Ceramic Heated 3D Plates;
  • It has 4 temperature settings;
  • Straighten & Sculpt Styling Arm;
  • It has 7’ Swivel cord;
  • Cool Tip Ionic Bristles;
  • Auto Shut-off.


  • For super curly hair, it works on the lower half,
  • It sometimes turns off during brushing hair.

Final Thought:

The Dear Drew is an amazing hot air brush for your hair making effortlessly within few minutes not only to style your hair but also to save your precious time. It is worth its price. You can rely on the brush and leave your trust on it.

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6. InStyler Ionic Styler Pro Ionic Hot Brush Review

InStyler Ionic Styler Pro Ionic Hot Brush and Ceramic Flat Iron

InStyler Ionic Styler Pro Ionic Hot Brush and Ceramic Flat Iron is such a hairbrush that can replace your 4 different hair styling tools. So, you can use this product as a replacement for the four. Its squashy feel ionic bristle includes added buff without ablaze your locks or tangling. For frizz-free and totaling stiff and polish, it has the feature of dual ionic ceramic technology to make your hair eye-catchy.

Its flat ceramic iron can straighten your curly hair and it smoothes your hair too. To add volume, the barrel is used. It has a non-slip rubber grip that allows you to hold the hair tool and not let the tool fall from your hand.

Its multiple heat settings allow you to choose according to your hair type and styling. Besides, its heat indicator light helps you to ensure which temperature it is now in. It has a 6 feet professional swivel cord that allows you to use the tool freely. You can use its bristles as a brush to brush through a section of hair closing the barrel. You can create volume at the crown by applying your hair tool to the foundation where extra capacity is expected.


  • It is a replacement of 4 different styling hair tool;
  • It has multiple temperature settings;
  • Cool touch bristles;
  • It has 6’ professional Swivel cord;
  • Non-slip rubber grip;
  • Ceramic plane iron.


  • If your hair is extra long (say, 31’’-39’’), it may not work well,
  • It needs to run through fast because it may burn your hair.

Final Thought:

This product can work alone in the replacement of your 4 hair styling tools. So, it saves your hustle of maintaining 4 different tools. In comparison with its price, the product can add value to your hair styling process. So, it at the same time helps you to save your time and effort.

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7. Infiniti Pro 1875 Watt 3-in-1 Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic Styler Review

Infiniti Pro by Conair 1875 Watt 3-in-1 Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic Styler

Conair has established its name in the market and among the buyers by its quality and its products’ efficacy. Its ionic technology prevents your hair from getting more frizzes, and it is almost 75%. 1875 watt of drying power of this product has a tourmaline ceramic coated strainer. Its ionic heat technology has two heat settings. You can use the hair tool with any type of your hair like curly, straight, frizzy, short, and long and so forth with ease.

It has 3 add-ons for your convenience. And they are a bristle brush, a dual-row-fine-tooth straightening comb, and a wide-tooth detangling comb.

It has 6 feet revolves line up cable which allows you to move the tool anywhere you like in its range and without making it spiral. Dual voltage system offers you to travel wherever you want to go around the world with this hair tool.

Its other cool attachment is that a 1-ounce One's Only Organ Oil Treatment to care for, rejuvenate and support your hair comes with the product, and it is a bonus.

If you have Caucasian hair, still you don’t need to be tense about it. Why? It is equally suitable and best for your Caucasian hair to give your desired shape. It is easy to use and much better than a hair dryer brush. Its gentle heat system is also beneficial to protect your lovely hair. Salon type hair styling and treatment is presented by this hair tool. Its artistic looking is awesome and its weight is only 1 pound. These product dimensions are 12.2x4x10 inches.


  • It 2 heat/speed settings for your better convenient;
  • It has 6’ professional Swivel cord;
  • Its Tourmaline Ceramic technology allows for distributing heat evenly;
  • It has a cool shot button to lock in style with the perfect care of your hair.


  • Its coverage is weaker than others;
  • To maintain frizzy hair, its wide-tooth detangling comb is a failure.

Final Thought:

Its superionic technology helps you to make your hair frizz-free and presents manageable freeness to it. It has a tourmaline ceramic grille, and its gentle heat is very suitable to prevent your hair from getting damaged. It gives you the opportunity to style and dry one in all. It enhances your hair’s shine with smoothness and impressive looking. To lock your style, it has a cool shot button. Its flat swivel cord and filter that has soft bristle has impacted cool presentation.

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8. Romeker 5 in 1 Hair Curler Curling Iron Wand Set Review

Romeker 5 in 1 Hair Curler Curling Iron Wand Set

This 5-in-1 curling wand set Romeker not only curls your hair but make your hair straight also. This brush helps to smooth and dry your sweet hair fast and efficiently. It has two heat settings. It offers a long-lasting result on any your hair. If you possess beautiful, skinny and regular locks, 150 degree Celsius temperature is alright. On the other hand, if you have a thick and vulgar haircut, you need to style your hair with 210 degree Celsius temperature for better and perfect result within minutes. It heats up quickly and spreads the heat generated evenly on the surface.

For your better convenient, you will find there a power indicator that will light up once you press the on/off switch for your ideal temperature. If the LCD meter stops blinking, it means your appliance’s preheat process is complete and ready to go.

It has curl bearing knob to opt for the ultimate braids for your hair. They are wavy, loose and defined. Make sure that you are not using this appliance in the lavatory, or in wet or liquid to stay away from electric shock which may cause an unexpected accident. You should wear the heat resistant gloves before using the tool. Otherwise, your hand may injure by the intolerable heat generated by this hair product. It has 4 separate attachments with the product that can be a differentiator over selecting and choosing this hair doing set over other out there in the market.

Do not use hair gel before curling your hair but you can use your hair gel once you are done curling with the hot brush. It is very lightweight to carry easily. You can use the hair tool anywhere in the world you want, but you just need an adapter and nothing else. This hair doing set can also be a gift for your dearer one (mother, daughter, girlfriend and so on).


  • It 2 temperature settings (150 degrees and 210 degrees) for the long lasting result;
  • It has 85 Watt power;
  • Its Tourmaline Ceramic technology allows for distributing heat evenly;
  • It has 2.5mm 360-degree swivel cord to prevent the winding, tangle free;
  • Hair-friendly ceramic coating for perfect styling;
  • It can heat up within just 10s.


  • Not suitable for use in bathroom or water or liquid;
  • Not perfect for styling hair with hair gel.

Final Thought:

It is convenient and easy to use for your any type hair. It is perfect for curling as well as straightening your hair like your dream hair. It heats up quickly and long-lasting and distributes its heat evenly on the targeted section of your hair. Its preheat method takes a short time to get ready for the action. Its power cord is 2.5 mm swivel cord and able to rotate 360 degrees for your better convenient of use. You can take it along with you anywhere but with an adapter.

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9. HAI Beauty Classic Flat Iron Hair Straightener Review

HAI Classic Convertable Professional Flat Iron

This is the perfect hair tool that has established its name in the market, and it differentiates it from the competitors in the realm of styling hair effortlessly. With the unique one tool, you can style your hair as you wish to shape it. Its 1.25 inch wide-convertible blue-plated flat iron which is made of ceramic heating component technology can replace your old curling and styling irons. It allows you to style your hair in some ways to give you a gorgeous look. And, all of them are tried, tested and true too.

Its advanced heat technology supplies quick heat up, instant recovery and even allotment of temperature for the fresh one-pass styling. It 1.25-inch full plates with beveled edges give you the flexibility to go on. It has a heat setting of 250 degrees Fahrenheit to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. For the infrared heating system, it heats up within just 1 second and delivers moisture and negative ions into your lovely hair for a silky and smoothing perfection.

You can use 250 degrees Fahrenheit to 350 degrees Fahrenheit for beautiful hair, 360 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit for healthy hair and 410 degrees Fahrenheit to 450 degrees Fahrenheit for multi-textured hair.

It has a 9’ professional power cord that allows you to move it within its range and the length of this power cord is fairly long for your convenient use. The hair styling tool is lightweight and long-lasting. Its Ergonomic design has made it easy for pressing, molding, twisting and curling very well with a silky smooth finish.

Unlike other hair styling tool, it has the features of analog temperature control and different heat setting from 250 degrees Fahrenheit to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. The product dimensions are 10.2x1.5x2 inches and only 1 (one) pound in weight. If you order this product, you can see the different logo of the company on the product after arrival. But you don’t need to worry about the issue because the company has updated their logo. Its LED light has changed from green to blue too.

As this hairstyle tool has no dual voltage, you cannot use it without a voltage converter in Europe. So, make sure you carry a voltage converter with your when you are away from your country to Europe.


  • For styling flexibility, it has 1.25 inch wide blue plates with beveled edges;
  • It has Advanced Heat Technology for rapid heat up;
  • It has perfect one-pass styling;
  • It has 9’ convenient power cord for smooth movement;
  • It has an Ergonomic design for comfortable pressing, molding, twisting and curling hair;
  • Ceramic heat technology allows the tool heat up fast.


  • It cannot be used in Europe without a voltage converter;
  • Less powerful than previous hair tool from the same company.

Final Thought:

This sweet flat iron can lessen your effort and at the same time your valuable time. Different temperature settings allow you to adjust to the analog heat setting. It provides 250 degrees Fahrenheit to 410 degrees Fahrenheit temperature for your desired parameters of temperature. The hair tool is sturdy and can go for years without making you any trouble. So, in comparison with its price, the product is good to go.

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10. Function 7 In 1 Electric Curly Care Styling Tools Review

Hair Air Styler | Hair Curlers Sticks | Hot Hair Styling and Curling Dryer Brush

If you don’t have spare time to go to a salon to style your hair like your dream, you can consider this sturdy, excellent and reliable hair tool to do the same thing at home saving your time and effort. Its silver coated black barrel, premium, and trendy design has made the product unique in style and handy. To ensure your hair’s ultimate shine and smoothness, it has a large barrel which provides fullness and body as you like to style and four different soft bristles. Before using this tool, you need to wash your hair and dry till 80% dry and should start to get your desired style with the brush. For better result, you can begin the process by sectioning off the hair.

It heats up within 10-15 seconds and has 2 different heat settings for your better convenient. Its other cool feature is the airflow to help you gain cool and perfect style. The airflow can also dry your hair and styling. It comes with suitable barrel size, and its durable power adds eye-catchy volume and shine to your lovely hair. For the long-lasting result, you can add some hair oil and protective cream to have the shape.

To protect your hair from damage and falling, its ion generator supplies ions that also help to shine. You can change its brush head easily by pressing its push button. The package contains 1 wide brush, 1 point roll brush, 1 jumbo roll brush, 1 half roll brush, 1 clip pipe, 1 front comb and 1 concentrator. The company gives you 90-day money-back. If you face any problem regarding this product, you can contact them via email.


  • It takes only 10-15 seconds to heat up;
  • It two heat settings plus cool setting;
  • It has airflow to achieve perfect style;
  • Silver coated black barrel;
  • Its true ion generator releases ions to protect your hair from damage.


  • Instructions for assembling are not clear;
  • Need to dry 80% before styling your hair.

Final Thought:

For your hair, it can be a good bet because it saves your time and effort altogether. It heats up quickly and gets ready to go. It is 1000 Watts and 2 heat settings. Its airflow feature helps you to gain your hairstyle within a short time. It gives off ions to protect your lovely hair from getting damaged.

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Types of hot air brush:

It may be a daunting task to find out the best hot air brush for your hair type. There are many types of airbrush out there in the market but choosing the best among them may be difficult for one. That’s why in this article, we are going to assist you to find the perfect one for you and at the same time, we have reviewed 10 best hot air brushes that can fulfill your expectation.


A rotating hot air brush can rotate in either direction to make your hairstyle as you want. With a lot of shape and volume, this brush can work better than others. It takes less effort and saves your time as it works quicker, and you will have a look as though you have just come from a salon.


Its most important and remarkable feature is that it can distribute heat evenly along its surface. It allows you to style your hair perfectly and smoothly. It heats up quickly because of ceramic and works as a flat iron and curling your hair.

Hot Iron:

A hot air brush can be replaced with a hot iron. It takes less time to give professional looking curls. If you are busy and don’t have much time to go to the salon and make your hairstyle with an analog hair tool, it can be a good bet for you.


The most beneficial features of a heat straightening brush are the advantage of causing less heat that your hair needs damage to your hair than a traditional flat iron. It used a lower temperature and advanced ionic and ceramic technology to decrease heat damage to your lovely hair.

As you need a hot air brush for your hair, you want to purchase one for you, right?


But before taking final steps to buy a hot air brush, you need to keep some things in your mind, and of course, it helps you to choose your best product. In this article, we are going to assist you describing some key features that should be considered before purchasing one.

Barrel Material and Size:

Ceramic and titanium can offer better quality hairstyle. Both can heat up rapidly and distribute the generated heat evenly. They can make your hair tangle-free and frizz-free to make an excellent style to look.

More heavy barrels can work better if you have long, coarse hair type whereas a thinner barrel can be a good fit if you have short and beautiful hair. So, it depends on your hair type to choose one for the perfect styling.


When you are going to purchase a hot air brush for your hair, you need to consider its length depending on your hair length. If your hair is long, then you can choose a brush that has long and widely spaced bristle because it works well. On the contrary, your short and beautiful hair needs short and fine bristles to work with. Some brush has bristles, and they melt with its heat. So, be careful that the bristles take the heat but do not melt.

Different Temperature Settings:

Your airbrush should have various temperatures setting for your hair type. The flexibility allows you to choose your desired heat settings for your hair. You can easily transfer the temperature as you need. It also protects our hair as well as our scalp from getting damaged by excessive heat.


You like to travel around the world like others, right? If you are a frequent traveler, you need to choose a hot air brush that is slim and sleek. When you are on a trip for your business purpose or vacation, you can easily carry your hair tool with you in your luggage.


This is another good thing that can be needed when you use your hot air brush. It protects your lovely hands from excessive heat. Though every hot air brush does not have gloves, you can get it with few. It is not a must-have component of a brush, but it is helpful.

Iconic Technology:

This is one of the best useful and essential features of a hairbrush. It delivers negative ion to your scalp, and they are beneficial for your hair as well as scalp. Infrared technology allows your hair to protect from damage and adds shine and body to your hair.


The prices of hot air brush always vary depending on their style, features and many more. Say, a manual hot air brush is still cheaper than that of rotating airbrush. But which to purchase depends on your hair styler. If you have much time to spend doing your hairstyle, you can buy a manual hot air brush. On the other hand, if you are busy enough and don’t have spare time, your choice should be a rotating hot air brush. Besides, if your needs can be fulfilled with a hairbrush that is costly, still it can be a good bet for you.

Why you need a hot air brush:

Various styles:

You can use a hot air brush to have waves, curls, increase its volume and so forth. Besides, you do not want to join different party or occasion with the same style. It gives you the freedom to do so without going to the salon.


As you can replace your all hair tools including flat iron, curling iron and hot rollers with only one hot air brush, it saves your money as well. Its price is not too high for one to buy one.

Can be carried easily:

You can carry your hot air brush with you whenever you like to go because it is slim and sleek and you can easily put it in your luggage. Besides, if you have one with dual voltage, you can travel with it overseas also.

Style as you like:

A multipurpose hot airbrush allows you to style your hair as you want. Otherwise, it is a combination of stylish brush and blows dry.

Saves your hair from damage:

It causes less damage to your hair than curling irons do. It straightens, curls, waves your hair without breaking strands as they are made ergonomically. If your hair is thick and coarse, or short and elegant, a hot air brush is well with almost all type of hair. It saves your time and efforts. Those who are in a hurry or busy with their work, a hot air brush can be a good choice for them. You can get a salon look using this tool at home without any worries.

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